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Informasoft® is a TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) funded HR Management Software Platform with features such as CV parsing, social networking, while utilizing OCR techologies and smart encryption. (support number: 714091)

Global Trends and System Features

Due to the increase in worldwide foreign investments, employers strive to develop systems that are compatible with the business environments of various countries across the world in an effort to supervise their personnel. Such efforts also include taking into account the internal dynamics, daily life practices and cultural and behavioral patterns of a particular country in addition to creating policies and procedures that are consistent with the laws and regulations of the respective country. Today, Human Resources Management Systems are customized to meet new requirements by accommodating particular requirements of various different countries in the world. However, using the same software in more than one country implies that managers have to forgo some of the system functions that they may need.

Issues of legal compliance and necessity of customized applicationsrender the system unmanageable and give rise to the occurance of areas where double entries have to be kept.

Today, efforts are made to bypass the adaptation and localization issues of a cross-border software in the following manner:

  1. Bundling the global software and local software.(Single Sign On)
  2. Running the global software and local software in such a way as to create a double entry system.
  3. Uploading the data obtained from the local software into the global software.
  4. Using only the local software in the relevant country where the global software can not be used.

On the other hand, differences regarding salaries and additional benefits, social security practices and taxation differences serve to further complicate the tally and payroll practices on different systems. For this reason, the companies that wish to centralize payroll related data either try to consolidate such data through additional software or manage the entire process through outsourcing.

In the event you outsource some of your Human Resources processes, Informasoft® creates a secure data traffic between you and your supplier while preparing inputs and outputs.

On top of all that, the rules and regulations on the employment of foreign personnel and the issues that need to be followed up regarding such procedures are also increasingly becoming the requirements of today’s human resources supervisors. Diversification of the training requirements and monitoring the various stages of hiring and placement processes also constitute the significant aspects of today’s human resources practice.

In line with the issues thus far covered, and due to the rapid transformation of the contemporary information technologies and the challenges encountered in managing big data, maintaining confidentiality and security has become all the more important. Informasoft® uses the highest level applications for confidentiality and security issues.

Informasoft®offers all the varieties that a modern Human Resources Management System is required to have. The unique infrastructure provided by Informasoft® ensures that the processes related to your human capital the most important asset of your organization- is harmonized with the existing laws and the development of the information technology.

The facilities offered by Informasoft® are basically configured by the following modules.

Informasoft® Modules

  • Recruitment and Placement
  • Resume Parsing
  • Document Management and identity scanning
  • Registered e-mail
  • Employee Record
  • Personnel Self Service
  • Time tracking
  • Shift Management
  • Annual Leave Management
  • Training Management
  • Policy Management
  • Performance Management
  • Salary and Benefits Management
  • Payroll Management