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Informasoft® is a TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) funded HR Management Software Platform with features such as CV parsing, social networking, while utilizing OCR techologies and smart encryption. (support number: 714091)

Discover the First Generation HR Management System

One of the key parts of the technological transformation at your workplace is the configuration of the Human Resources Management System in line with the requirements of the contemporary technology. Informasoft® provides you with the countless benefits of centralizing the information sought by all the departments of your organization along with the unique features of a high technology product. Supported by TÜBİTAK as being "top priority informatics", it is an ecosystem with features that are highly advanced than that of the similar global products.

Informasoft® places 'human' at the heart of its system. In this human centric system, users with various roles can rapidly access the actions they require. HR representatives, instructors and authorized users can communicate with each other by creating interactive data in different fields. The system encourages users to socially interact with each other. This particular feature greatly contributes to the corporate development.

Identified human as its central element, the system sends out warnings and reminders to its users in scheduled times to maintain the continuity of communication. Moreover, such warnings and reminders can be associated with various actions. For instance, information regarding a personnel whose probation period has ended, is sent to his/her supervisor before the expiration of the probation period.