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Informasoft® Human Resources Management System is a TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) funded software that is designed to make the HR activities of your organization easier and helps you keep your team united and motivated.

About Informasoft®

Informasoft® is a Human Resources Management Software that is developed by CottGroup® and endorsed by Tübitak (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). Informasoft® derives its strength from the experience of its supporting group of companies.

The Informasoft® Team has served as a solution partner to various companies and been developing online software for 15 years. The idea of incorporating such software into an enterprise product has laid the foundations of the Informasoft® HRM.

CottGroup®(Consulting, Outsourcing, Technology, Training) is a holistic service organization that offers full range of consulting, outsourcing, technology and training services with a view to manage diverse business processes of companies and provide practical solutions to the various business models. CottGroup® continues to render its services for a valuable number of Global 500 companies in Human Resources management and various other fields.

Cottgroup® owes its experience in Human Resources Consulting Business to the global service experience of Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. in the said business, which is the flagship of the group. Having improved on its knowledge and experience thanks to the elite global business partnerships, CottGroup® has become one of the leading corporations in terms of human resources applications, payroll and software business.

The Informasoft® Software has been supported by the four separate channels of CottGroup® throughout its design and development. With the experience of the group companies, all the know-how regarding the areas of consulting, outsourcing, training and technology have been transferred into the ecosystem of the Informasoft® Software project.

Bridging the gap between the effective fulfillment of daily tasks and improving efficiency is one of the key aspects of establishing and maintaining a positive relationship between human capital and success. Building such bridge requires a solid and a dynamic infrastructure. Informasoft® is highly dynamic and dependable solution; driven by the requirements of the latest technology.

The system’s success has been the result of the fact that an expert team of professionals specializing in the field of human resources, personnel affairs, performance and payroll accounting has conveyed their requirements and needs directly to the software developers employed in the same company. This way, a group of human resources specialists, consultants, engineers and academics were able to develop a user friendly system that primarily focused on sorting out its own problems, which ultimately resulted in the creation of a smooth and fast infrastructure aiming to minimize operating periods.

The fact that the software tests were run by the operation personnel, besides the technical team, and existing customers has served to maximize the efficiency. Under normal circumstances, a software developer company has to have the following information to develop a human resources project:

  • User’s background
  • Required system features
  • technical details
  • legislation details and general practices
  • industrial practices
  • user experience and feedback

The fact that Cottgroup® currently posses all the aforementioned details in place and have an in-depth legislative consulting knowledge, made the system perfect. The continuous contributions of our consultants, each specializing in their respective field and their healthy communication maintained with the software team has helped lift all the obstacles in front of creativity.

On the other hand, having witnessed the successful and unsuccessful sides of various systems first hand, our HR outsourcing team serving various global companies has also helped bring about a synthesis. This way, efforts were made to achieve an ideal set up in an agile manner at every stage of the project.

Our consultants have approved and embraced the entire process in order to get rid of the problems they faced on various different systems over the years and finally achieve the system they had always dreamed of. With the behavioral pattern; the tradition of developing a participatory software -which is one of the secrets behind Informasoft®'s success- has taken root in the corporation.

We feel that such a tradition has actually served to increase the effectiveness of the relationship we have with our customers, the efficiency of our team work and the pleasure we take from using and promoting the system.

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