Informasoft® is a TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) funded HR Management Software Platform with features such as CV parsing, social networking, while utilizing OCR techologies and smart encryption. (support number: 714091)

Local Features of Informasoft®

  • Areas of the system reports regarding employee records are compatible with the local requirements and legislation. For instance it is possible to follow up on law numbers and details regarding spouse and children.
  • It ensures that private insurance policies are monitored on individual basis as per the legislation.
  • Some implementations peculiar to the Turkish legislation such as minimum living allowance etc. are incorporated into the system as separate modules.
  • It is possible to monitor annual leave and shift records in line with the Turkish legislation.
  • It enables declarations to be sent to the authorities automatically and online. For instance it is possible to submit the monthly service declarations to the Social Security Institution with a simple click.
  • It is possible make registrations for new hires and leavers by automatically connecting to the online portals of the authorities.
  • Processes are made consistent with the digital notification law through registered e-mails.
  • Legal monitoring of medical reports can be done automatically.
  • Sums to be deducted from the personnel through attachment, alimony and execution proceedings modules are followed up based on their file numbers.
  • Incentives and check points that need to be followed up on are already incorporated into the system.
  • A message center has been developed in order to inform the Human Resources representatives of the probation deadlines, periods for reemployment lawsuits and other similar time schedules in a timely fashion. All the timeframes have been prepared in accordance with the labor law, social security regulations and the relevant legislation.
  • Payroll parameters are fully in conformity with the Turkish laws.
  • Foreign exchange rates are automatically transferred into the system from the Central Bank of Turkey.