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Informasoft® Human Resources Management System is a TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) funded software that is designed to make the HR activities of your organization easier and helps you keep your team united and motivated.

Organizational transformation in HR Management with Informasoft®

What you will gain from Informasoft® is by no means limited to a mere strategic development process. Your bonuses will include nurturing of the skills and capabilities across the board and an overall improvement of the training levels and quality. It will also ensure an organizational transformation that will promote the in house communication to the desired level. Thanks to this arrangement, you will be able to boost the level of loyalty and trust in human resources systems within the organization without compromising the confidentiality.

Company managers will be able to take quick decisions by interpreting the results obtained from quickly submitted data. This way, the areas that need to be focused on for achieving success in every aspect of the organization, especially in the field of Human Resources, will be much better identified whereby the development in such areas will be maintained on a continuous basis.

The most indispensable asset of a corporation in achieving its objectives is the human capital. As compared to its other assets, a corporation needs to constantly improve on its human and labor assets to achieve success. One of the problems that successful corporations have to constantly tackle with is to interpret the relationship between the human capital and company’s success. The efficient management of the know-how, skills, experience and talent required for success is a fundamental necessity.

The positive relationship between human capital and success is like building a bridge between the effective fulfillment of daily tasks and improving efficiency. Building such a bridge requires a solid and dynamic infrastructure. Informasoft® has all the dynamics required by today’s technology.

You can significantly contribute to the performance required by your staff for total success through the real time and unique facilities and information provided by the system.